Yesterday’s “But” is Over

It would seem that today’s tarot and coffee is picking up where yesterday left off. Yesterday, the goal was near. But it wasn’t quite time to take action. You needed to let distractions sort themselves out so you could gain clarity. And today, we learn that it was your intuition which was being clouded by all of your distractions. But now the time to act is near. (That was really quick!)

The Ace of Wands is here to let you know that it’s about time to act. But don’t be hasty. Trust your intuition and instincts in order to see the opportunity being presented. In other words, don’t “look” for it. Be ready to recognize it when it comes to you. You’ll know it by how natural it feels. It’s so seamless that you may not even realize that you’ve decided to act on the opportunity until after the action has begun. This is what it feels like to “know” with your intuition.

And our latte echos our Ace. It’s letting you know that you are extremely wise and the actions you take are refined and highly skilled. There is mastery in you and such mastery means you know how to command the energy around you. So let you actions be confident today. Play to your strengths. realize that you are not actually taking physical action. You only perceive it as changing your physical reality. But you are actually directing and moving energy.

Your intuition is tuned into that energy. So be sure to trust it.

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