What’s Stopping You? The Universe.

Well Good Morning from The Hanged Man in the reversed position! We know. It’s been a doozy of a week so far and it’s about to get even clunkier. Let’s recap – first, you couldn’t make a decision because you were distracted. Then it was time! And now you’re feeling stuck again. WTF, Universe?! But we know that there’s always a good reason.

Today The Hanged Man reversed watches over our latte making, reminding us that we’ve been the ones distracting ourselves all along. But it’s time to stop all that. There is something you need to address within you. And the sooner you do it, the better. So stop what you’re doing (being everything to everyone) and look within. Ask yourself the tough questions and give yourself time to answer. Go in search of exactly what it is you want (or even need) to experience.

Basically, the reason you’re feeling stuck is because The Universe (AKA: You) is really trying to get your attention and turn your focus inward. Even our latte is asking you to break away from the crowd and usual things you do. Go in search of the expression, the version, of yourself which best serves your quest to know who you truly are. This is so important. Because you are truly meant to experience life from your unique perspective.

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