Finding Compassion

Today’s latte is proof of the Queen of Cups’ reign over our horoscope. Today is all about compassion. Compassion for others as well as compassion for yourself. Which are actually one in the same.

It can be difficult to find compassion for others whom you don’t understand or “vibe with.” But true compassion doesn’t require understanding. It simply means that you understand the value of being gentle. Because you have learned how to nurture emotions, not situations, in yourself.

At times you may acutely feel that “you” (meaning your body) are separate from everything. But deep down you know that it is our emotions which tie us all together. So find compassion for yourself today. How? Find thoughts that are better than their alternative. This will change your experience, which will naturally flow from you and into the world. Effortlessly giving others exactly what they need. Your unique brand of gentle, healing compassion.

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