Today is One of Those Days

No, not “that” kind of day. Today is the day where your intuition is clear. The Nine of Cups graces today’s morning coffee with her illuminated serenity. And this means that when you are in a place of contentment, your heart – your intuition – can guide you without barriers. You simply feel your inner wisdom more acutely. Which means you know the goal. Whether you like what your intuition has to say on the topic at hand is a different story. But at least you know the truth. Because today is a day that you just know.

The actionable part of your life’s circumstance is yet to unfold. So let your intuition lead you where it may, because whatever you are facing, your higher self is speaking clearly to (and through) you.

Even our latte shows us the wisdom of such contentment. It’s asking us to allow our intuition to flow from the Source, without judgement or overthinking. Because intuition which is free to express itself is the peace and confidence you’ve been waiting for.

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