Bring That Good Sh*t to Life!

Oh man. It’s so tempting isn’t it? The thought of just retreating into yourself. It is soul healing. While retreating is advisable to nurture yourself, today The High Priestess reversed and our latte speak to maintaining the delicate balance of our inner and outer realities…and not playing favorites with our inner world.

When we meditate and manage our thoughts we create an inner oasis to which we can retreat when the outer world is just too much. But today The High Priestess reversed reminds us that we may be retreating into our inner worlds a bit too often. (And why not? It feels so damn good in there.) But we need to remind ourselves that our inner creates the outer. And the journey is to find harmony in order to turn our ideas into physical experiences. This naturally requires us to find the balance of the dual nature of our realities. Favoring one reality over another just isn’t going to get us to the part where we are enjoying our experiences. And it can lead to isolation, even though you think you’re just craving solitude. So be encouraged to know the difference between nurturing yourself and retreating into yourself to avoid the other half of your experience.

Our latte also reminds us that we are on a two part journey. Showing us that Universal laws (which we often don’t even understand) are the vehicles which carry the thoughts in our minds into our physical realities. So focus on nurturing your balance and let The Universe carry you so your mental oasis can come to life!

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