Just Go Around

We absolutely LOVE today’s tarot/latte combo! We think it’s because of the palo santo we lit at the very beginning. It’s so exciting because while Judgement appeared reversed, indicating that you may be feeling blocked, our latte is in agreement that the way around your obstacles is to go with the flow. Like a river moving around a boulder. It might only be a trickle, but that trickle is still the river and it flows past that boulder effortlessly. Indulge us in this metaphor a little longer.

We know it’s easy to focus on the boulder in your path. It’s even easy to be angry with the boulder for being there…or frustrated with ourselves for the decisions which brought the boulder into our realities. But standing and staring at the boulder isn’t going to get you past it. You simply need to adjust your focus and start exploring along the edges for even the tiniest opening. Trickling through the opening is the wisdom which knows the way. So when you find the wisdom which will get you through, let yourself fall into its flow and carry you past.

The longer you stand and stare at the boulder, the more time you waste. It’s there and you do not have to move it. Actually, you can’t move it. It’s part of your journey. You simply have to find the trickle, the whisper of wisdom to which you can surrender. That’s how you overcome obstacles. Well, not “overcome” but simply “go around.”

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