Winds of Change Are a Comin’, But First…

Well, that was quick. The Hanged Man is back again today, only this time he’s right side up…or is it upside down?

All of your choices to this point have put you in a very unique position. And right now, there’s little you can do about the situation they have created. This isn’t to say that they were right or wrong, they just “are.” And the best thing you can do as things play out is observe from your unique vantage and learn.

The Hanged Man combined with our latte confirms that while you may have been party to creating your situation, there’s nothing to do to change the past, but rest assured, the winds of change are coming. And they are comin in strong.

The past will be blown away by a strong creative energy (which may come in the form of a strong female figure) making your current efforts to extract the knowledge from your situations karmically rewarding. Basically, something great will come of this if you approach it objectively.

So even if you don’t like your current position, esoterically speaking, you put yourself in it to learn something. Because what you learn will be the spark of creation you have been looking for as things begin to shift.

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