All Rise, The Court of Universal Justice is Now in Session

Remember yesterday when we said that the “winds of change are coming…and they are coming in strong”? Well, they’re here. So we hope that you heeded The Hanged Man’s advice and have been objective…because there’s no time like the present to keep a level head.

Our latte is a beautiful representation of transformation today. Which means you are getting ready to level up. You are transforming you, which means you are transforming your life. You may not feel it just yet, or maybe you just haven’t noticed, but a great change is coming. The one you’ve been repeating to yourself every day. Opportunities are coming, ideas are on their way, which means you are becoming. (If you choose to take them.)

With Justice overseeing our transformational latte this morning you are reminded to be objective, not emotional, during this time. Remember, karma is even. Not “good” or “bad”. Karma keeps the Scales of Justice balanced. So it’s really all about what you give. Because balance is maintained by getting what you give. And while you may think you know what’s fair in this physical reality, there is no higher court than Universal Justice.

So don’t let your ego break the Laws of Karma. Be diplomatic with the appraisal of your situations. Recognize that while your ego may want a certain result to come about, you must ask what Karmic Justice would think of your thoughts and actions. Because there’s no point in dragging along a shred of karma which could limit you as you level up.

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