Vibing – How Does It Feel?

Today is a very special horoscope because we had two cards come through. With the addition of our latte, it’s a trifecta! And we all know that the number 3 is creatively symbolic. Today’s message is all about your goal! And it’s very important to know why you went about creating your goal in the first place. What was your purpose? Because you clearly need a reminder to focus on how the idea of reaching the goal made you feel, not just what it could give you.

You remember that yesterday your goal was upon you and now that you’re there you need to ask yourself how it feels. Is it all you had hoped it would be? With both the Nine of Cups and Temperance reversed it seems that reaching your goal hasn’t felt quite as you thought it would. The Nine of Cups reversed calls you to revisit the purpose of your goal and Temperance reversed directly asks you to focus on what it is you actually want. Temperance reversed is the major card, both in tarot and in this shuffle, which suggests that you may be focussing too much on the symptoms of the change. The awkward and odd feelings, even the loss of the old to gain the new.

Our latte shows us that you are riding the vibe of your goal and basking in all that good energy! Don’t let you attention be pulled away by your expectations of the “things.” Because the way the things of your goal make you feel is temporary. The way you tell yourself you feel is what endures.

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