Ego Jinx.

You have a lot shaking these days and it must feel so damn good! But today’s tarot and coffee have a (not so) gentle reminder for you. The 5 of Wands is with us today which is proving that your actions are commendable, but you are asked to check in with yourself about your motivations. Are they still about the feeling you wish to experience? Or is your ego starting to chime in with the promise of lofty (and temporary) triumph over others? Is the desire to be first, or be the best trickling in? This is the quickest way to get jinxed. And also how you will keep chasing the high only never to reach it.

Keep your eye on the prize. Let your actions, thoughts, and words remind you of how you want to feel, not who and how you want to conquer. There will always be someone else looking to outdo and be the next “first.” So simply accept that this is now your time, and there will come a time when you pass the torch to the next. Which will mean it will be your time to be something different.

So while the ego will take you to new heights, the karmic balance which will be served up to your ego-y side will make the smack of the reality check smart even harder.

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