Goals. Messy, But Great.

Why is it that goal paths are so bumpy? Just when you think it’s time for some smooth sailing, BOOM! chaos. Our morning coffee shows us that your particular chaos is acute. But The Empress has joined us today and her peaceful observation reminds us that at the other end of chaos is creation. The realization of our goals.

Know that what feels like chaos today is just your higher self clearing out old thoughts and old ways so you can properly adapt to your new vibration. Every little thing which is holding us back must go. Which is why it feels so, well, chaotic.

All of this makes it so important for you to dig deep today. Instead of becoming frustrated or disappointed with the situations of your chaos, find your compassion and understanding. Because once order is restored there will be great improvement. Why? Because as soon as the “storm passes” there is clarity. For now, while the storm rages, try and focus on the possibilities, the new opportunities. Know that you are witnessing the moments just before a new life.

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