All About You (Finally)

All we can say about today’s coffee and tarot is “FINALLY!”. The Sun dawns on us this morning reversed to really emphasize that it’s all good. And when we say “all good,” we mean “really good”. The noise of the outside world has been quieted giving you the chance to really experience just how perfectly divine you are underneath all of your situations, reactions, and experiences.

And our latte shows us what The Sun wants you to know. Which is you. The you, way down deep. Today you can touch the healing peace of who you truly are without interruption. And it’s really no matter if you believe in some kind of creator or not. Not one of us can deny that life – as weird and exciting, joyous and grievous as it is – is a freakin’ miracle. And you are part of it. Sure it could be that you are part of a strangely precise, honestly unfathomable, mathematical “accident”. *Insert Subtle Tone of Sarcasm*

Really give that some thought today. All the Laws of Creation had to come together to make you “you”. If you are reading this, hearing this, or experiencing this in any way you are a miracle. Today take some time to see just how flippin’ special you truly are.

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