About That Momentum

The feeling is almost indescribable when things finally work out and it’s all good. But the 10 of Wands has reversed herself today to oversee our morning coffee in an effort to remind you about the value of perspective.

It’s valuable to recognize that even when things are really good, there are always tiny details in life which can seep in ever so slowly and distract us. Diverting our attention and eventually (albeit temporarily) derailing our progress. The 10 of Wands reversed speaks directly to your progress, warning that lost perspective is what steals momentum as you navigate your goal’s path.

Our latte reminds us of the flow we’ve found. And it is carrying us effortlessly. Our latte coupled with the 10 of Wands reversed is telling us that the best thing to do today if we are to keep this momentum flowing is maintain perspective.

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coffee, karma, good karma, coffee cup
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