Boundaries Are the Point

The Queen of Cups was doused in coffee during the making of this morning’s horoscope. But she had to make a point.

The swirls in our resulting latte with the queen watching from her throne paint quite the picture. You see, the queen knows the importance of compassion as people go through their life’s situations and emotions. But she also knows that compassion can be received, and it can be taken. And there is a difference.

Today allow your compassion to nurture others. Let it be the support someone needs as they find the perspective necessary to see their own way through their situations. So be careful. “Takers” really like having others emotionally invested in their situations. Focus on allowing others receive your compassion by maintaining boundaries. Because being compassionate without boundaries allows the “takers” to bolster themselves with your energy. This makes for little progress, and leaves you feeling drained.

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