Time to Let Go

Judgement has come to us once again, but this time she’s reversed. Apparently we need the important reminder about the benefits of letting go so we can move onward…and upward.

Many of us want change, many of us don’t. But either way, we get it. That’s just how life works. But even if we desperately want a change, it all comes down to how we think that change will make us feel. We think we know how that change should make us feel. But the reality is that we experience roadblocks along our journey simply because we haven’t dealt with the fact that change, no matter how desirable, is messy. Logic and ideals do not apply to the very real (and unexpected) emotions which come with change, whether we wanted it or not. So today it’s time to face the depth of the emotions which come as you move away from your past and become more present. You must mourn and simply accept that even the most welcome change never feels exactly like you thought it would. But it can and it will. Once you stop holding on to the past.

Our latte shows us that we are in the flow we had hoped we’d find. But because we are so emotionally tied to our past we are holding ourselves back by clinging to fragments of past circumstances. The world around us is moving by and we are standing still, just looking at the same old situations. We haven’t truly let go and let the current take us where we’re headed. Yes, it’s intimidating to let go. The sensation of being swept away to the unknown is beyond scary. But Judgement reversed is showing us that it’s time.

It stands to reason that if we believed in The Flow so much that we set out to find it, now that we’re in it, we must trust in all the things we believed The Flow to be. Release into it. Let it carry us. Because this particular flow doesn’t take you down, it takes you higher. It’s what carries you to a new vibration where more of your dreams can come true.

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Leftover Coffee

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