Accidental Give Up

Let’s talk about your strategy for change for a moment. You set out looking for “change,” but you realized that what you are actually searching for is “improvement.” And now it’s upon you. This is another one of those moments just before really big change. One of the most pivotal. The moment you could very well just (accidentally) give up on all of it.

So once again a Major Arcana has reversed to make a bold statement. And today it’s Temperance’s turn. If you give up now you will simply just go back to the way things were…the way you were. You will go back to the very things you set out to improve. Whatever is happening in your life right now cannot be allowed to drag you back to your old ways. As our latte depicts, the little tricksters of our egos are resting up, building their energy so they can make their reappearance.

But the ego isn’t sinister. The ego’s job is to keep you safe in the familiar. After all, we taught our egos what we need to survive in our realities. And the ego has sneaky ways of cultivating situations and reactions so you will return your attention to it and get back to what you know. So be very aware.

Stay on top of your thoughts so you don’t let your old ways slip through and drag you back. Because the flow you are in is carrying you upward. And your ego is going to carry you “upstream,” which is against The Flow’s current. The familiar might be appealing, soothing even, but it will not be easy and you will lose ground.

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Yesterday’s Coffee

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