Turning Back

Another Major Arcana comes to us today. Whatever it is you’re choosing between must be pretty important because The Lovers’ presence asks you to consider one question, “If I turned back now would things really be the same?”

Were Things Really That Bad?

It’s easy to want to turn back when the old you is still visible. It is easy and it is familiar, and you might be thinking that maybe things weren’t so bad after all. The choice is all yours and if you choose to go back to where you were it wouldn’t be right or wrong. But before you decide to go back or move forward, our latte is encouraging you to seek clarity. Just for a moment, let go of what you’ve been holding onto and remember your vision for the life you want.

Is It Even Possible?

If you are thinking of turning back, consider whether it is even possible for things to be the same. You’ve changed so much to this point that even if you did go back to the way things were they really couldn’t be the same. Because this “you” has gained experience. And your experience has given way to new perspectives.

Living Your Past

It’s true that the old version of you has had so many great experiences that created so many great memories. But you know, with certainty, that none of that lasted, which is why you set out for something more. So as you make today’s choices simply ask yourself, “Do I still want to live my past? Or do I want to purposefully move forward, growing, changing, and experiencing newness?”

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Yesterday’s Coffee

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