Return on Investment

The Three of Wands is so steady and assured as he watches the morning’s latte pour. He knows that things will take a little time, but there will be a return on your efforts.

The symbology in our latte is also letting you know that your actions will bear fruit. Just like a seed knows what to grow, your actions know what to return because they have been programmed with your intention. Trust your actions and efforts just as you trust that a seed with the right nurturing will grow. Because within your efforts is a code. A code which has been written by your thoughts and ideas. (Which is why it’s so important to regularly maintain your thoughts.)

Know that it may take a little time to see the ROI of your actions. Making paramount your ability to let go and let things take shape. But this patient confidence shows just how far you’ve come in your personal evolution. You are beginning to have faith in yourself. And while it is a relief to feel confident in your actions, that confidence is the proof of how much you have learned. How much you have healed. You see, this version of you is the real return on your investment.

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