How Not to Give Up

Today’s horoscope is all about how dedicated we are to our goals. Are your goals your primary focus?

Our latte was complemented by the Seven of Swords this morning who asked us to consider our strategy for reaching our goals. We are being asked how clearly we see our goals. Because the clearer we see the goal and the more we understand all the implications of it, the more naturally the path to success will unfold. And the less likely we are to give up on it.

Our latte explains that we must make our goal(s) our only focus. They must be front and center in our minds so we keep our driving sense of purpose alive. When it comes to goals, it pays to focus on the minutiae. Because the clearer we see our goals the more likely we are to naturally take inspired action. And we will overcome barriers without question. Because “where there’s a will there’s a way.” 

Desperately Wanting

All of this is helping us to become more confident as we go. But reaching our goal requires passionate focus, not just wishful (or desperate) thinking. 

Desperate thinking puts a lot of pressure on inspired thoughts which causes us to make quick decisions, which are often uncertain and confused. And if those decisions fail (which they often do) we are more apt to feel defeated and give up. Esoterically speaking, desperation isn’t a high vibration

If you find yourself “desperately wanting” (good song, though), return your thoughts to how reaching your goal will make you feel. Once you regain some clarity on the feeling you’re after, you can approach your goal with the intention to know it completely. This will place you back in The Flow, where the path to your goal will unfold clearly. 

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