Cliché, But It’s Time

We couldn’t have more of a cliché phrase today, but the Knight of Pentacles reversed is telling us that it’s time to move on. We often hear the phrase, “it’s time to move on,” but this particular knight in this position means it’s time to move on from situations which have us surrounded by people who don’t see the value in our efforts. And staying surrounded by these type of people is what is holding us back. It’s time to set out. Our latte is showing us that if we strive to raise our vibrations the people who will receive (not take) our efforts with gratitude will come into our realities. And we can truly make a difference.

Just Because

Just because the people around us should care, doesn’t mean they do. And just because they say they care, doesn’t mean they do. And most of all, just because you care, doesn’t mean others do. But don’t get us wrong, this isn’t to say that those around you are completely blind to everything you do. It could simply mean that they don’t share your perspective or your passion. And that’s OK.

As You Set Out

Try not to look back or get stuck in the past by feeling bad that the ones you think should care, don’t. Because the ones who do/will care will value what you bring to the table. They will naturally and happily give your efforts the regard they deserve.

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