Loosen Your Grip

Well, you’re divided today, aren’t you? Our latte couldn’t make that any clearer. You’ve leveled up in so many ways, but leave it to the external reality to tempt our thoughts back to their old ways. There is definitely a division between the old you and the new you. Which is actually great news, if you pay attention to the signs you’re getting along the way. Because this means you’re on the precipice of another “vibrational growth spurt”. You’re at the point where you could back slide, or press through and continue upward. So be aware so you can overcome the very specific setback the Four of Cups reversed represents.

The Four of Cups in this position suggests that you are approaching your tasks, even your mantras and meditations, with the “what’s in it for me?” attitude. While there’s nothing wrong with doing things to create an enriched life experience for yourself, you step onto the slippery slope of setbacks when you begin doing things with this type of low-energy vibration. Efforts become “self-serving” rather than simply using your expertise to make things better in your world…which is the goal, right? You can probably feel the difference just reading that last sentence. This is because when you are “self-serving” you are setting expectations, which are an attempt to control what you get. This tightens your grip on your physical reality which will slow down your progress. A stark contrast to remaining in The Flow you found.

If you seek to continue upward toward the next inspiring vibration, then you must remind yourself not to slip back into your old ways. Let your physical reality be what it is. Work on changing it with your thoughts so your actions are inspired, rather than reward driven. Because there is no long-lasting fulfillment in working for “reward”. But there is when you work toward that goal you set.

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