Manifesting Outdated Mastery

To truly embrace the wisdom of the Three of Pentacles today we need to give the idea of mastery further thought. Don’t worry. You have plenty of time, because mastery cannot be rushed. So as our latte asks, have patience as you receive this inspired message.

While there will be subtle differences between our masteries, there is 100% chance that every one of us has mastered how to survive in our unique situations. We’ve become such masters that the thoughts and actions we repeated to get through our situations have been committed to our subconscious. They have become instinct. Our day-to-day. Whether we need them now or not.


Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’ve survived/moved past a situation and it is no longer necessary to continue repeating certain patterns. Today we’re being asked to check-in with ourselves and see if we are using outdated mastery to avoid having to relive an old situation. We may not even realize that our brand of mastery is no longer serving us or our goal. But because we’ve repeated it so many times it’s become a subconscious pattern. Which is creating more of the same, recognizable (and survivable) situations.

Let this act as a reminder to let go of old survival instincts and cultivate new ones which will better serve you for the brighter days ahead. And if you haven’t already, it’s best to get started now.

The Past Is Not The Present

Undoubtedly, some of the things you have mastered are valuable. But some are outdated. They existed only to get you to this point. They were not meant to be committed to instinct. But repetition does that. So take a good look at the life skills you’re using today. Are you instinctually still acting and reacting as though the past is still the present?

Hold on only to the mastery which still serves you. Continue to learn. Repeat only the skills which will help you navigate the goal focused reality you have set out to experience.

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