Take Your Own Advice

An obstacle has arisen today with the Eight of Swords reversed. But our latte is letting us know that it’s tiny and what we’re about to say will clear the path, giving you the wisdom you need to achieve success.

You’re at the point where you get to see what your ideas and actions to this point are made of. It’s a big deal, because it’s a win or lose scenario. And you want to win, pass, succeed – whatever verb applies to your situation. Who doesn’t? But you need to remember that this is your test. No one else’s.

If You’re Doing This

Projecting your criticism onto others is only telling you that you are worried about your recent efforts not being good enough to pass. This is more than simple nervousness. Because being “nervous” only means you value your efforts and want to succeed. Criticizing others is an indication of full on self-doubt. But what you’ve done, could’ve done, etc. is done. Today you need to work with what you have. So set out to rebuild your confidence rather than wasting your time judging others’ perceived inferiorities. Which is actually just you finding the reasons (cough…excuses) for failure before you even try.

Try This Instead

Instead of criticizing others, let’s take a look at that criticism. You probably have countless opinions and ideas on how they can improve. So why not make a conscious effort to apply those ideas to yourself? There’s always room for us to improve ourselves. (We can’t improve anyone else, that’s for sure.)

So if we think we have all the answers for someone else, why not take our own advice? This will not only be an exercise to build our self confidence, the energy spent negatively on judgment will be changed into positive energy spent on improving and enhancing things within our reach. This will instantly better your chances for success in whatever scenario you face.

While we don’t want to wish you luck, because “luck” puts the focus on chance. Our greatest wish for you is that you enjoy your win when it comes!

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