The Answer You Need

Whether you’ve been asking for a sign or simply putting out to The Universe that you “just don’t know what to do,” it’s pretty clear that you’ve been in need of help. Specifically, help making an important decision. Well, our latte is beaming with energy today heralding the Queen of Pentacles into our lives. Which makes it absolutely clear that she is here to help you out. And she brought along the King of Swords to convey her message.

The answer (or answers) you need await you in your logical, objective, and considerate mind. It is important to listen today. Listen to your good reasoning. Be logical, not emotional. And if there are others involved in your situation, it is equally important to listen to them, too. Be exceptionally patient and objective. Listen to all sides before making any decision, offering any opinion, or taking a side.

Nurture this trait in your life. Strive to listen objectively and be the last to speak. Even when meditating. Listen to what you have to say. By listening you will be one of few, or possibly the only one, with the most information. And your ability for diplomacy will enhance your credibility. Just be mindful of the great responsibility which comes with the amount of trust you will gain for being informed and objective.

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