Out of Sorts

There’s just no other way to put this. There’s also no way to clearly define it. But The Star reversed confirms it. You just feel out of sorts today. Consider that you are likely blaming situations in your outer reality for this, but the real reason is you’ve lost site of the place within which inspires you.

While it doesn’t feel great, you are really just being reminded to go within and reconnect with your true self. The only question which remains is, “what are you going to do to get back to yourself before you drift further?” Good news is, our latte has that answer.

Our latte is asking you to leave your situations as they are and dive into your mind. Meditate. Find your way back to the thoughts which inspire you. And while reaching the peaceful place of inspiration is the goal, our latte really wants you to know that there is grace in the process/journey of returning to the light within.

The Focus

It takes focus to release yourself from the physical world and move forward through the landscape of your mind. Practice finding that focus despite feeling “off” today. Because this practice is an important part of the process and you need to pay attention to it just as much as you pay attention when you reach your destination. The journey is how you will shed the layers on top of your light. It is the process of freeing yourself of outer reality “baggage,” so you can get to your essence.

Once you find the thoughts which inspire you, spend some time with them. Let your heart swell with the knowledge of who you are. And when you return to your outer reality you’ll likely find that the situations which once occupied your mind will have resolved themselves. And by “resolved” we mean, “you just won’t want to control them anymore.”

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