Draining Distractions

We must listen to the call of our higher selves today. It is coming through our latte and telling us exactly what we need. And today we must make an effort to understand balance and equilibrium. Because balance must be restored. But what kind of balance? Don’t worry, the 4 of Swords reversed to let us know with specificity.


We have been spending a lot of time alone on this journey of self awareness. Which isn’t a bad thing. We’ve been alone with our thoughts, focusing on and nurturing ourselves. We’re trying to figure things out, after all. And being social became a draining distraction. We were guided (or even dragged) back to solitude when we became overstimulated by our realities. Because in the case of overstimulation, quiet reflection is a good thing. But this too can become imbalanced.

While too much “people-ing” is draining, so is too much solitude. It is where solitude becomes isolation. So today we are being called back to the outer reality to recharge ourselves. Which makes it clear that there’s a rhythm to how we interact with our two realities (inner and outer).

As you emerge, take it slow. Your absence has made you confident in your solitude but a bit vulnerable in the company of others. So be selective in who you choose to spend time with, especially at first. Choose the people who are truly your friends. People whom you know you can trust, rather than people who have proven false or who you know will drain you. How will you know? Think about the individuals in your circle of friends. How does each one feel? Reach out to the ones whom you know in your heart are your friends no matter the time or distance.

But I Don’t Want To

It’s understandable that you may feel a bit hesitant to emerge. Just know that your solitude has you more depleted than you realize. Careful reemergence will recharge you. And once you’ve been fully restored, you will begin to go back to your solitude before too much society begins to drain you again. Ebb and flow.

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