The Universe REALLY Wants Your Attention

A very strange thing happened today. All because The Universe really wants your attention. Your higher self has been trying to reach you, but there was a breakdown in communication. But don’t worry, it’s getting fixed.

The Important Backstory

As I do each morning, I cleansed my tarot deck. I began to shuffle away any lingering, outdated energies to make room for the freshness of a new day. I don’t really know how many times I shuffled that deck when the Six of Pentacles popped out. I placed it back in the deck and as I cleansed it and shuffled some more, I found myself zoning out as I reflected on the thought of giving with “no strings attached”. I finished shuffling and without even looking, set the deck down. Just as I headed for the kitchen I noticed that the card on top was face up. I was positive that I shuffled the way I always shuffle (backs of the cards to my right). Which meant, as always, I had put the deck face down using my right hand. Maybe I was mistaken. So I looked closer. The entirety of the deck was face down, save that top card. It seemed that The Star had a message for me.

There was no way for me to prove what had just happened, so I called the one person I knew would listen (and believe me) and told him my story. I hesitated to take a picture of the deck; it was such flimsy evidence. But before I reshuffled for my “coffee shuffle,” I decided I would snap one anyway.

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I went about cleansing and clearing the deck once again and then something even stranger happened. Only this time, I caught it on video.

Just like yesterday, the 4 of Swords popped out and reversed herself. At first I thought, “so The Universe really wants us to know that we need to reconnect.” And I went about making my coffee as I always do. Letting the repetition of the 4 of Swords reversed settle into my meditative coffee mind.

But then, as I poured the frothed cream into my latte, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. The Star had appeared in my latte. And that’s when it all came together.

Today’s Horoscope

Today’s horoscope isn’t really about focusing on reconnecting with people. (But keep doing that. We’ll explain why in a moment.) The 4 of Swords reversed herself again simply to get our undivided attention. The repetition is showing us that there is an important message from The Universe, and it’s in The Star!

What’s It Saying?

Yesterday we needed balance, so we were asked to get out of our heads and reconnect with people when the 4 of Swords reversed. Today we can see by the 4 of Swords reversed again, and accompanied by The Star, that we were so “in our heads” that our higher self was having trouble reaching our conscious minds. We needed a change of pace to clear our thought patterns and open up the lines of communication between our higher self and our conscious minds. Once again, we were trying too hard to “control” rather than “flow”, so we were guided outside.

Today the goal is to relax and let the messages from the thoughts which inspire you flow. Continue to loosen your grip even more (surrender control) by redirecting your mind through a change of pace and scenery so the lines of communication between your conscious mind and your higher self can open back up. Then, as you take some time to meditate you will see (and feel) more clearly how all of your “situations” and circumstances are actually your divine nature guiding you to your purpose/goals. You will begin to see how your experiences all fit together to form a “big picture”.

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Second Cup & a Unicorn

And if all of that wasn’t inspired enough, a magical unicorn popped up in my second cup. There’s magic everywhere. Embrace it.

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