You Need More Information

The past couple of days have been pretty hectic. Maybe even a little intense. All of the reconnecting with people may have been a bit overwhelming at first. But now you may be feeling the positive influences of that recharge. Even though you’re back in the groove (and it feels so good) our latte is asking you to slow down. Because as the 2 of Pentacles says, you have a decision to make, and now is not the time to be hasty or influenced by the people amidst your new found connections. There is still more you need to know before you can proceed.

Don’t Rush Yourself

You’ve been listening to your intuition and the results have built your confidence. Consider that this could lend to you being a bit overconfident. So right now summon your patience and observe. Make a conscious effort to maintain a balanced mind. This way, when the time is right, you can make your own decisions, uninfluenced and un-rushed by others and un-rushed by yourself.

The Goal Path Requires Information

You can and should follow your intuition with the goal in mind. But your intuition does require information for navigating the path to the goal. So know that while your intuition is guiding you, right now it is telling you to slow down. There is more to know. You need more information to incorporate into your next move.

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