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We’re going to cut straight to the chase. If you are going to lead this charge to your goal you need to explore the difference between “control” and “discipline”. Circumstances dictate how and when to use each, but when it comes to the bigger picture you must lean into discipline rather than control.

When we are working toward something there are always variables which come along for which we cannot “control,” such as other people and unforeseen situations. With this in mind the best way through these trials is to exercise discipline. Discipline invokes our ability to partake in the circumstances along the goal path with gentle determination and willingness to learn. Control, on the other hand, makes the uncontrollable variables frustrating and daunting. Causing us to set out to “fix” things so they can remain in our image. Can you feel the difference in these two energies?

It’s true that control doesn’t easily concede and take less. But when it does, the “fall” is a spectacular display of brokenness. But the loss of control will eventually lead us back to discipline. Because eventually we will see that unlike control, discipline allows for improvement. So embrace your discipline and your self control. Strive to learn from those things you cannot control.

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