Ah-Ha Moments – Just Do It My Way

I absolutely love “Ah-Ha” moments. They have the highest potential for success because we just *effing* know that whatever thought we just had could work. And we will be so *flippin* curious that we will set out to find out what could happen. We will see obstacles with a “what’s the plan?” attitude. We will pivot, and see what we can make happen with our “Ah-Ha” moment. And we really don’t look at any outcomes of an “Ah-Ha” moments as “success or failure”. The results of these moments is what becomes the wisdom we’ve acquired along the way. Which is simply applied to reaching our goal.

Well, today our latte gives us an “Ah-Ha” moment. And the Page of Wands reversed serves it up!

Ah-Ha Analogy

You know those times you just wish people would do things your way? Yeah…on the surface it seems to be all about you. “Do things my way because I know best” or “Do it my way because it will somehow make things easier for me“. But with a little more thought you can very easily see that when we want people to do things “my way” it is because we can clearly see (from experience) that doing things our way can make it easier for them.

Lead the Way

Well, this is the energy the Page of Wands reversed wants you to consider. Instead of focusing on the intended goals of your actions, today also think about the leadership “your way” can exhibit. Your unique knowledge can (and probably should) create something much greater than the obvious, and more personally desirous, results.

As you pursue your personal aspirations, make sure you use the knowledge you have acquired to this point to make things easier for the people, and in the situations, surrounding you. Just be reminded to express yourself in such a way that your knowledge can be embraced.

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