Clear the Way

The 7 of Pentacles has arrived to point out the importance of your diligence. You diligence isn’t simply to get to the goal, it’s also your contribution to the goal. You may feel like you’re “going it alone,” but you’re not. You are working within a much greater set of laws. You’re doing your part, and The Universe is doing its. And our latte is showing us just how important our diligence is. It washes everything else away. All the other noise in your world means so very little when you’re focussed on your contribution to the goal, as well as the goal itself.

By giving your attention to what you are able to give to the process of reaching your goal you are washing away and clearing out all the other (perhaps more trivial) situations and circumstances in your life. You are clearing the path for The Universe’s laws to work. Your attention is showing the way to the goal. If you’re scattered, The Universe’s laws still work, only with less intensity. Too much distraction takes The Universe’s energy away from the goal…just like too much distraction takes you away from your goal, too.

Be focused on your part of the process and trust that The Universe knows its contribution, as well. Trust as you would in the Law of Gravity to hold you down, as you trust the earth to feed a seed. Trust the process and recognize that your contribution simply enhances it.

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