Opinions – You Know What They Say

Our latte upright or reversed shows us that the power that has our backs is also the magic that we make. Which makes our latte the explanation for the 2 of Swords reversed today.

You see, if you trust that what you’re doing is meant to be done so you can adventure to your goal AND you trust that the laws of The Universe have your back, other people’s ideas and opinions can only enhance your path.

There’s absolutely no need to be so staunch in your viewpoints. Open your mind up to other people. You may find solutions. You may also realize the things which you want to avoid. Either way, it is wisdom gained. Because you know that The Universe is propelling you forward. You were meant to hear these things. They will enhance your path.

Just know that everything you do is The Universe working through you to make your goal happen. More information is always a good thing.

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