The Tiebreaker Decision

The King of Swords knows what our latte is telling us. We are going to have to make a decision. A decision that may be the way forward. Like building the only bridge across a ravine. So much has to be considered. The designs must be well scrutinized in order to find the most sturdy and durable option. So when you finally do speak, know your words are informed and objective. Seriously…check your ego. 

This decision should not be unstudied or hasty. Because if things go wrong now, or even in the future, it can immediately set you back to square one. And there will be consequences that only time can heal. This makes careful consideration, and even a small delay on the front end better than a disaster after you begin to move forward.

But this is not an excuse for procrastination. You do have to decide. Just take more time to make the decision. It’s clear that you are in the position to see the strengths in each element of the various approaches and pick the best. You are also in the position to introduce something even better by combining the strengths of many. Let your wisdom extract the strengths you clearly see and diminish the weaknesses.

All of this makes it very clear that this is not a time to be guided by your ego. You must be wise for all. So remember that this is not an “I know best” decision. This is an, “I can see the best of all elements clearly, because I am being objective” decision. 

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