Outsmarting Life

Our latte is a great reminder that looks can be deceiving. “Looks can be deceiving.” It sounds ominous, doesn’t it? It even seems like an inconvenient fact of life. A hurdle that we must learn to overcome. A savvy we must develop if we are to “outsmart” life. But seriously, life isn’t like that at all.

The 2 of Wands reversed is simply telling you to take your time with decisions. Look closely and quiet the outside influences. Listen to the thoughts which come. Don’t try so hard to “think of” the right decision. Consider all of the information and compare it to what you already know. And as you think things through, observe your thoughts. The answer is in there.

For Example

Yesterday the King of Swords asked you to observe situations and be the fair, deciding voice. Today, the conversation is turning inward. Today you should be the one with the most information between your surroundings and your mind. Observe your thoughts as an unbiased third party. Look for the information to support your choices before making your move. You see, the King of Swords was the last to speak, the 2 of Wands reversed is the last to act.

It’s true that some choices will be clearer and easier than others. Especially when the clearest choice has few (or even zero) drawbacks. The tougher choices are the ones with the least weaknesses.

Just know that even if someone comes along and tells you the best answer, YOUR answer must come from within.

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