Lingering Past – Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

The past few days have been about your role in some situation. You were asked to be fair, diplomatic, and patient in your decision making. As well as be considerate of how your perceptions on the material plane are going to impact your spiritual essence. Now all of the responsibilities of the past few “yesterdays” have become today’s outcomes.

Our latte is speaking to us about the lingering energies of the past. Those pesky energies that often haunt us with “shoulda, woulda, coulda” thoughts. But The Empress is here and her wisdom will bring your thoughts away from the previous situation and into the present outcome.

Not Natural

You were meticulously guided through your role in each daily experience (through lattes and tarot) and now you are here. You have reached the culmination. And The Empress steps in now to make a big impression. She wants you to know that it is not in your nature to live in the past. Not even the recent past. This is why it is important to ensure that your contributions to outcomes are the best version of you and your wisdom to date. This way, when past energies come to call, you can reflect favorably on your contribution rather than dwell (negatively) on what you “shoulda” or “coulda” done.

You see, Nature improves on herself at all times. Generation after generation she gives her best. Each time refining herself. And while Nature isn’t always what we consider “perfect,” she always moves forward, striving for improvement. She doesn’t beat herself up for what she “coulda” done. She learns and implements changes for the next time. You see, Nature doesn’t repeat the past, and neither should you.

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