Speak Clearly – Writing Your Life’s Instruction Manual

We’ve been given ample evidence for how we influence our own lives. We’ve even been shown that our patterns and “rituals” are how we give The Universe instructions. But the arrival of the 8 of Cups is here to call our attention to our negative thoughts which are getting in the way. More specifically, we need to lay to rest the source of our negative thoughts – the past situations which shook our confidence. Because despite having moved forward, these are what are keeping our anchors in the past.

Your Life’s Instruction Manual

Our latte is a clear demonstration of the emotions which speak to The Universe. And as you know, thoughts fuel emotions, and emotions fuel thoughts. Recognize that you are having a conversation with The Universe through your thoughts and emotions. Then imagine what that looks like to you. Perhaps you see that your emotions are sending out tendrils of light which contain information on what you want to manifest. Or maybe it’s water in a stream. Pause for a moment and really embrace what this looks like to you.

Now think about how clear you want this flow of instruction for your life to be. Then, when things are juuuust right, introduce some static, maybe even some murky water to your flow of information. Imagine the message The Universe is receiving now. This is what you’re doing when you allow pessimism caused by past injustice or pain to influence your thoughts and emotions.

We’re pretty sure that no one would want to write their life’s instruction manual so interrupted and unclear.

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