Change – Not Like You Have a Choice

Let’s get straight to the point. Whether it’s your situation or your entire life, improvement requires change. But it always seems that when change is upon us, unless we are immediately rewarded by this change, our first instinct is to immediately begin wishing it wasn’t happening.

Basically, when things start to change in the direction of our goals manifesting and we aren’t immediately rewarded or can easily and favorably calculate the possibility of reward, we immediately ask if we really need things to be better. We think, “Things were pretty good, now that I think about it.”

When you’re faced with big changes, just know that this change needs to happen to get where you’ve been telling The Universe you want to go. Your worry and doubt is simply your reaction to the unfamiliar nature of change. Be patient. Some changes just take a little more time and study to find the rewards, but they’re in there.

Conditional Change

When it comes to change all you need to know is that all change is uncertain. It’s your approach, your attitude, which determines how you experience it.

Resisting Change – Let’s clarify

You’ve been working on manifesting. You’ve been giving The Universe instructions on how you want to experience your life. And now that things are moving toward that change, you’re hedging. You’re resisting a necessary change because it doesn’t meet the conditions of your current wisdom. Your ego thinks that this resistance is “protecting you” from unforeseen threats. The trouble is the conditions which you’re applying are based on past experiences. You don’t have enough information to judge this kind of change when you’re in the midst of it.

So What Should I Do With Change?

When you’re faced with big changes, know that your world is merging with another. And when two powerful forces come together there’s bound to be friction and even a bit of chaos. Embrace the scene, and refrain from focusing on the details of the change. A new reality, a new “bigger picture,” is emerging. Let the storm rage knowing it will settle. Then the reasons and wisdom will emerge and you will be closer to your goals of living in a new present.

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How to Handle Change

You’re going to make it through this change. But if you’d like to have a bit of an easier experience you should know a few things:

  • Nothing is Static. You always experience change. Some changes are more subtle and go unnoticed as they steep into our lives.
  • Change is never “bad.” Ever. It is just unfamiliar. It makes life less predictable for a little while, but only until things settle down and we adjust.
  • “Good” change is just as unfamiliar as “bad” change. We just view some uncertainties with optimism, rather than worry of pessimism.
  • It’s our job to find the reason for, as well as the lessons and the wisdom in all changes.
  • Successful adjustment to change is what we refer to as “normal.”
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