Decisions – Upside Down is Actually Right Side Up

The King of Swords patiently watched us make our coffee from an upside down position to make his point. Somewhere along the way you have begun to focus on your own wants and needs, rather than paying attention to all the elements which must be considered in the situations you face. Know that a self-serving attitude will always dampen your ability to make well-informed decisions as you navigate your path.

Right Side Up is Actually Upside Down

From the self-service perspective the world around you seems right side up. But our latte shows us that situations just don’t make much sense from this vantage. When you turn the scene upside down, and reintroduce your wisdom and diplomacy, the situations you face make more sense. And while the world around you may now seem to be upside down, you will gain the clarity you need to see the way forward in your unique reality.

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