This is Your Nick of Time

You know the saying “Just in the nick of time”? Well, this is the “nick” they’re talking about (whoever “they” are). So take a moment and look around you because this is what your “nick of time” looks like.

Allow Your Subconscious to Explain

Temperance has come through reversed again, and rather soon after her last appearance in this position. So you probably find yourself at one of those moments when you are seriously considering giving up on everything…again. So your subconscious wants you to know, as you’re wondering if any of this is worth it, that yes. It’s worth it. And furthermore, it all had to happen exactly as it did.

Even this very moment. The one when you just want to say “f*ck it”. Because this is the moment that will lead to the moment where you suddenly realize that you’ve come so far. Too far, for that matter. And a moment after that you will be inspired with a new perspective and you will embody the knowledge of this moment and forge ahead. You’ll even be thankful for the moment, that was just a moment ago, the one when you almost abandoned it all. Because that was not a moment of abandonment. That was your moment of complete surrender.

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