The Wise Fool

You need to pay attention right now, because this is that moment that you’ve been waiting for. This is the moment you are about to inherit the abundance (or at least a good portion of the abundance) you’ve wanted all along. And how you manage this inheritance is going to guide the next steps to your goal.

This is an important moment, so let’s do a quick recap to help you to better understand.

The Mishap

What brought you to this path was The Fool’s misstep. You were going along as though everything would always be as it was. Then you took a tumble and realized that your frivolousness had irrevocably changed your experience. And in that moment it didn’t seem to change for the better. But you picked yourself up and quickly realized that you had tools at your disposal to make a better life for yourself. You just had to learn how to use them. So you set out to figure things out.

What You Originally Wanted

Initially, you sought abundance to help ease the pain and relieve the uncertainty of your previous frivolous decisions which led you down this “undesirable” path. And you went through so much to figure out how to manifest such abundance. What you didn’t realize in the beginning was that you were going to change. You were going to mature. All so you would be suited to manage such abundance. The abundance which you are now receiving.

Today’s Moral

If you are smart with this abundance, and respectful of all you have learned in getting to this point, you and your abundance will continue to grow. If you are frivolous with it, then you will go through similar lessons as before until you mature and learn a new way. Basically, you will feel as though you are repeating the past.

Either way, you will become a version of The Fool once again. So prepare yourself to take another tumble so you can learn how to create more of what it is you want to experience. So right now, you need to know that how you manage this current inheritance of abundance will create the next path you come upon.

You can either be a wise fool or a frivolous fool, the choice, as well as the experience, is all yours.

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