Perfectionistic You

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Speaking of Inspiration

Today’s coffee ritual was punctuated with a thought that rang through loud and clear, just as I finished. And it speaks to your approach to that which inspires you.

If this inspires you to do anything remotely different during your day…even for a moment, know this…

Inspiration Isn’t

All of these words, from me or any other, could be considered “inspirational.” You take them more seriously if they’re penned or spoken by someone you trust and admire. But words which inspire are not meant as an indication for you to follow a set of rules or directions set forth by another in order to have a similar experience or to have what they have.

Inspiration is not “do what I do so you can have what I have.”

Inspiration Is

Inspiration is a call from your heart to your conscious mind to embark on your own journey so you may find your truth. So you may have what you have…because you simply cannot have the same as anyone else.