The Strategy for That Thing You’re Thinking About Doing

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It’s important to realize that “you” are not the “you” you think you are. There are so many layers, so many versions, to you.

Accept that your persona, the “you” you show the world is simply not all there is to you. Your persona holds the knowledge for how to survive in the world. Which is important. But equally, it has taught you certain skills you will need to bring your vision to life. But you cannot rely on your persona to strategize your path.

Set your persona aside and look deeper within you. See your vision in your mind’s eye and allow yourself to feel the inspiration this provides. This will reveal your next steps.

Take your time with this. Ensure that you’ve set your ego aside and simply listen. You don’t want to allow your ego’s ideas to get in the way of uncovering the inspired, and most fulfilling, path.