Relax Your Ego’s Grip

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Read that again…and again. Because I really want you to feel what that means to you.

You have thoughts before actions. And those thoughts have intention. And the very first thing that intention affects, before it ever gets to the physical result, is the space between you and whatever physical result you seek.

So first things first, be honest about your action’s intention.

Thoughts of Domination

Shift your focus for a moment so you can recognize your ego’s tendency to misinterpret empowerment with the need to dominate the situation…and even other people’s role in it. Likely a trait learned in childhood. Caused by having dominating parents as your example. And also having to take what few chances those dominating parents actually allowed you to get and make the absolute most of them. Because you never knew when the next chance to have your way would come. Maybe never.

Influence, Don’t Dominate

It’s time to be objective and see that all the instructions and decisions grinding through your mind are just your ego trying to dominate as to keep things in your favor.

Relax your ego’s grip and let the flow of your knowledge gently influence your world, rather than letting your ego continue to, and forever unsuccessfully, attempt to wrestle it into submission.