So You Say You Want Balance

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You want to find balance because just the idea of balance is harmonious. And in harmony there is peace. A place where things just flow.

But all of this seems to imply that balance is hidden somewhere. When the truth is, the only place it could possibly be hidden is beneath your ego.

The balance, the effortless flow you desire, is actually everywhere. You just have to interrupt your ego’s distractions and introduce yourself to it.

Here’s One Way To Do It

The best way that I’ve found to do this is to accept that what your ego desires is possible. And that’s it. Give yourself permission to trust in possibility and you will slowly ease into the harmony you desire deep down.

If you can begin to do this you will find no need to navigate and “look” for how to accomplish what you desire. This approach is extremely focussed, which means that there is much that goes unnoticed.

But to trust the idea of possibility, you can more clearly see the purpose in all that you do and you will begin to apply your time and energy to things which inspire you. Instead of spending time distracting yourself from the deep knowing that something is missing.

That said, the goal can be reached either way. One is just more harmonious than the other.

Word to The Wise

For those of you, and formerly me, who are/were inspired to “harness” the power of The Universe for our own experience, I have a bit of advice.

Do not choose the Laws – Law of Attraction, etc. – which you want to enact. Simply accept that there are laws. And accept that they all work in harmony to maintain the balance you navigate each day.

To attempt to harness The Laws’ power implies that you somehow know better than they. It also implies that they do not already exist within you. Simply surrender to the knowledge that what you desire is possible and you will find the peaceful balance you desire. And you’ll be surprised when those very Laws you sought to guide in your favor make things turn out better than you imagined.