The Love of Your Lifetime

This love story is one that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Looking For (Self) Love

Remember that you’re not trying to convince yourself that you’re lovable…maybe you’re doing this by repeating affirmations. You’re also not trying to “make” yourself love yourself. These approaches imply that you’re trying to make your ego, your persona, obey another version of yourself.

The key to learning to love yourself is to understand that you need to initiate the practice to discipline your mind to hear yourself, to begin to understand the various versions of yourself. So you can build your trust in yourself. Just as you would in any relationship.

It begins with the process of teaching yourself discipline in order to know yourself. It’s not about force or obedience. (You cannot teach yourself to “obey” without creating resentment along with it.) All you can do is learn the process of discipline to know yourself so you can understand yourself…so you can realize that you’re worthy of your own love and you can grow your love for yourself.

It’s All About Improvement

The best part is, whereas you can’t control anyone else in a relationship, you can teach yourself to be better. You can make yourself more lovable to yourself. And you can make those changes stick. This is called “self improvement.”

Just try to remember that exploring self love is about disciplining yourself to get to know yourself. This is how you learn to give yourself consideration, listen to yourself, begin to trust yourself, and regard yourself to truly embrace a relationship with yourself. But you have to build trust for yourself by listening to yourself.