Living the Life of Your Dreams

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You’re navigating everything right now, trying to figure out the next move. And it’s exhausting. So, for just a moment, instead of analyzing, or maybe even criticizing your material reality, look to the place you go in your mind when you want to see the world from the most peaceful vantage. Find your imagination.

Translate for Your Ego

Discipline your ego by asking your worldly persona to sit still for just a moment so you can visit the place of wonder that is all your own.

While you’re in your imagination it’s important to see where you are, but it’s also important, if not most important, to notice how you feel when you are there. Because this is the feeling you seek to recreate with your physical surroundings.

Your imagination is showing your ego what you truly want. It’s showing your ego exactly what to pursue. The more you explore your imagination, the more details you will see.

Nurture Your Soul

Realize that you have the ability to bring details of your imagination to life in your material reality. And by doing so, even if it means something as simple as adding a houseplant to a room, you will begin to make the physical world resemble your imagination. Remember, even the tiniest of details will begin to transform your ego’s reality and help remind you of the world you wish to experience.

This is how you begin to build your personal sacred space. A physical reality which nurtures your soul. This is how you effortlessly manifest your dreams. This is how you live your truth. It is how you stop chasing society’s standards and approval and literally begin to live the life of your dreams.

Which ironically wins you the very approval and acceptance you’ve been mistakenly chasing all along.

Word To the Wise

Remember, this is a transformation, not a replacement or “reality swap.” Sweeping changes are often tempered by regret or other emotions. You want to transform your world and maintain the integrity of the wisdom you’ve gained to this point.

Seek to improve, not replace, because the process of improvement is what endures life’s ups and downs.