When Your World Is Falling Apart

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When life seems to be falling apart, we have a tendency to become gripped with fear. We want to stop such drastic change.

But this is actually a good opportunity to take a look at your dreams…your daydreams. Look to see how the life you dreamed about differs from what you currently have. Because this change is actually the proof that your dreams are coming true. No matter how spectacular the destruction of the life you know.

Fear of Change

Remember, fear has never in the history of ever stopped change. It might delay it for a time. But change is inevitable.

Remind yourself that you cannot dream of having something more, having something different, without change to what you’ve known. And the suffering you’re experiencing because of the change which is unfolding is based on your ego’s survival instinct. Your ego is seeing the changes, even anticipating changes, and creating fear to keep you surviving the way you know how.

But this fear you’re experiencing can be put in perspective by realizing that you’re actually in the process of improving the life you know. Your dreams have initiated a phenomenon, a Universal process we can’t possibly completely grasp, which improves your current life and helps it become the one you dream about.

Improving, Not Losing

We’ve established that you cannot stop change. So take some time to consider that it is your fear of change which is causing your struggle. You’re not afraid of the life you desire. You’re afraid of losing the life you have. Because your ego thinks you won’t know how to survive in something different – even if it’s better. Good news is, the process of change is slow. So you have time to learn and adjust to what’s coming.

So as life falls apart, try to remember that you’re in the process of improving, not losing.

Power of a Daydream

At the beginning we acknowledged that fear doesn’t stop change, it may delay it, and it causes the pain you associate with change, but it doesn’t stop it. Change is inevitable. And it’s inevitable because you’re always dreaming about your life. Whether you live your dreams depends on how you navigate the fear you experience when things begin to change.

Once you get your fear in perspective, you’ll be able to see something truly remarkable.

You will see that the power of your dreams, which is what is creating this change, is much greater than the power of your fear wanting to stop it. A simple dream has set the wheels in motion. Your choice is to either flow with your dreams or get trapped in the cycle of dwelling on the fear.

What to Do When It’s All Falling Apart

When your world is falling apart, lean into your dreams. Focus on bringing elements, the decorations you see in your dreams, into your material world. Represent parts of your dreams in your reality, instead of trying to figure out what to do to get things back to “normal.”

Side Note

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog thinking that nothing seems to change, it’s likely because you haven’t dared to dream about anything different. Life is changing all around you. It’s just that your thoughts haven’t.