Stop Dragging It (Your Ex) Back In

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Your ego isn’t all bad. It actually does a really good job of using your experiences to generate feelings to gauge how your physical experience matches up to the experiences you dream about. But it always seems to take things one…or ten steps too far.

When your ego doesn’t like the way something feels, your higher self takes the information and somehow handles it for you. A situation may arise, or maybe things will just settle into a new rhythm. Seamlessly removing the obstacle.

Discipline, Not Control

This is where the ego needs to be disciplined and know its place in your world. But all too often, our ego (how we perceive ourselves) seeks to make what’s before us work. (Think about the “Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” analogy here.)

So we go off path and drag whatever we lost back. Our intentions are good. But we end up wasting a ton of time and energy trying to use control to influence something external into behaving the way it needs to to suit our vision. What we really wind up doing is putting what needed to be removed back in our own way.