Money Is Just a Bridge Between Your Dreams and Your Reality

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No, money can’t buy happiness. But it certainly can buy things which represent what makes you happy.

The Money Consciousness

Remember that money is just a tool. The more you have the more representations of things you see in your daydreams you can put in your material reality. This approach makes your reality a very conscious decision on your part.

If you can take the perspective that you’re building material representations of your dreams, slowly and sustainably, you will find yourself willing to put in the time. Even just little bits more time at first. All so you can continue nurturing the image of your life that you see in your daydreams.

A Disciplined Mind

It’s important that you begin to discipline your mind. Because you’re going to need to focus on a thought without other thoughts interrupting. This is how you begin to explore what you truly want. Only then will you find what it is you’re willing to work for.

Once you know this, work will become effortless. It will take on a new meaning. And it will be less grueling. And remember, you’re working for your dream. Not anyone else’s ideas of what is desirable.

Where to Start?

Look around you. What do you have that you want to keep? And why do you want to keep it…what does it represent?