The People Who Left You

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Perhaps if you think about all the people who have come and gone in your life as souls you had an agreement with things would begin to make a bit more sense.

And maybe the loss would sting a bit less.

Consider This For a Moment

While it’s true that they were in your life for what seemed like only a few minutes only to one day disappear. Maybe their disappearance was necessary to get you where you are going. Maybe they were only meant to come “so far” with you. To give you their gifts, their contributions, so you had the tools to proceed.


True, there are those who have left your life and you never really noticed. Their purpose less noticeably impactful. But then there are those for whom you mourned a great loss. A loss so great you still can’t quite make sense of it.

For now, don’t get lost in the melancholy of the memory of the loss. Instead, look where you are right now. See how you’ve grown. See what you learned for having known them. Intentionally compare yourself right now to the “self” you were then.

No, Things Haven’t Stayed the Same

Maybe in some ways things don’t seem like they’ve changed, or maybe they seem like they’ve gotten worse. But rest assured you’re wiser, more mature for having endured.

Stop distracting yourself from the pain of the loss and search yourself. Have a conversation with yourself. Find what you’ve been given. Find what you’ve gained from each person you’ve shared your life with. Maybe even go so far as to see what you’ve gained from people with whom you’ve only passively encountered.

Do this and you’ll begin to see how you’ve matured. Continuing to distract yourself will leave your pain exposed and your purpose ignored.

Which brings us to…

Your Purpose

You’re still here. Which means you have yet to fulfill your purpose. “What purpose?” you might be thinking. Well, it’s whatever you find when you imagine what your life could be.